The Lead Pastor Search Committee met on May 1st at AVERA on Louise.


Opening Devotions and Prayer led by Amber VanderWal “God’s Greatest Pre-Moves” (Rev 3:27) from Chase the Lion devotional.

Reminder to pray for the future pastor and his family.


Opening Discussion

  • Brad expressed thanks to committee members

  • Brad emphasized the importance of confidentiality – continues to be important with applications submitted

  • Minutes from last meeting were approved

  • Pastor Van shared his experience at the CRC Transitional Pastoral meetings he attended in Grand Rapids, which included a better understanding that our search process/experience/challenges are not unusual in the denomination due to a variety of factors.

  • Brad reported that no congregational questions have been submitted through the website.


Search committee continues to follow and review CRCNA document “More Than a Search Committee


Phase I – Preparation – complete


Phase II – Reflection – complete


Phase III – Nomination – remains in process


  • Additional names have been submitted for review from CRCNA profiles

  • Committee briefly discussed updates on potential candidates


Phase IV – Evaluation – now entering this phase, website and “button” will be updated with progression to “First Round of Interviews”


  • Extensive discussion regarding first-round interview questions. Tentative interview format/questions were finalized.

  • Committee will meet in a conference room at Avera on Louise for all interviews

  • Discussed that if a question from the candidate requires a more in-depth answer, we will get back to the candidate with more information.

  • We will allow approximately 60 – 75 minutes for each interview with time for the committee to have discussion afterward.

  • Brad will send a post-interview email to candidates after the first round of interviews and provide an update on next steps.

  • General progression will be: First-Round interview, Second-Round interview (possibly with Ad Board as well), and likely Third-Round interview (in person, with Council as well, meet staff). Eventual nominee will lead a service and attend/participate in various meetings/events.

  • Advanced planning and logistics will be important. Process may be modified depending on travel distances for candidates.


Next Steps/Action Items


  • Continue to watch/listen to services and sermons from applicants’ home churches.


Next Meetings are set as follows:


  • Monday, May 8; 6:00pm

  • Wednesday, May 10; 6:00pm

  • Monday, May 15; 6:00pm

  • Wednesday, May 17; 6:00pm (possible)

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Brad VanKalsbeek

Chair – Lead Pastor Search Committee

(605) 359-5588 /