The Lead Pastor Search Committee met on January 17, 2023.

Mike Davelaar provided opening devotions and prayer –“There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Decision.”


The following items were reviewed/discussed:

  • Brad expressed thanks to the committee members for all their hard work!
    • Search Committee minutes have been shared by way of the congregational newsletter.
      • The committee has received many positive comments from the congregation that meeting minutes are being shared/published.
  • Justin Snyder provided an update from the Council/Ad Board
    • Lead Pastor Job description has been finalized and provided to Search Committee
    • The Core Values Statement is on the agenda for the Ad Board meeting on 1/18/2023

Search committee continues to follow and review CRCNA document “More Than a Search Committee” 


Phase I – Preparation –complete

Phase II – Reflectionin process

  • Pastor Van provided update on potential Sunday ‘listening’ sessions
    • Council and Ad Board to finalize plans
    • Sessions are designed to provide opportunities for the congregation to be involved in the search process by sharing, etc.

Phase III – Nomination –in process

  • Brad provided an overview of the First CRC website template for the Lead Pastor position
    • Highlighted the following tabs/buttons: Welcome Letter, Job Description, Application, Church Profile, Life in Sioux Falls, Church Life, and ror the Congregation (timeline, minutes, nomination form, etc.)
  • Reviewed the Timeline for the Committee for the next 30 days
    • Committee previewed the agenda for the February 2023 meeting
  • Reviewed specific tasks to be addressed in preparation for our February meeting
  • Discussed application process
    • Interview questions (pre-interview, initial, and follow-up)

Meeting concluded with the committee re-affirming the importance of confidentiality.


Next meeting is set for Thursday, February 16, 2023, 5:30-7:00 pm, with Josh Soodsma responsible for devotions/opening prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Brad VanKalsbeek

Chair – Lead Pastor Search Committee

(605) 359-5588 /