The Lead Pastor Search Committee met on February 16, 2023.

The following items were reviewed / discussed:
  • Brad expressed thanks to committee members for their incredible work
  • Minutes from the last meeting were approved
  • Email address has been established.
  • Discussed Core Values Statement
    • Ad Board is considering leaving Statement as it currently is, allowing future leadership to finalize/refine/refresh.
  • Search committee continues to follow and review CRCNA document “More Than a Search Committee”
Phase I – Preparation–complete
Phase II – Reflection– in process, nearing completion
  • Discussed Sunday night meetings. Timing is to be determined.
  • List of potential interview questions were available for review.
Phase III – Nomination– in process
  • Brad provided tour of “Pastoral Search” section of church website. Committee approved all content in this section.
  • “Church Profile” section will be in text and graphic form in order to include all the needed information.
  • “Church Life” will include scrolling pictures.
  • Plans for going LIVE:
    • 2/17 and 2/18-Council will have the opportunity to review
    • Sunday, 2/19-Brad will briefly demonstrate the “Pastoral Search” section during both morning services.
    • Monday, 2/20-“Pastoral Search” section of the website will officially go live.
  • Discussed having the Lead Pastor website information in the pre-service scrolling banner for the next few weeks.
  • Paper copies of “Nominations for Lead Pastor” will be made available
  • Lead Pastor ad will be posted on CRCNA, RCA, and Alliance of Reformed Churches websites. Ad will be submitted to Banner. Ad will be shared with Calvin and Western Seminaries.
Next Steps/Action Items
  • A sub-group of committee members will compile and edit interview questions for pre-interview, initial interview, and follow-up interview.
  • A sub-group of committee members will create two types of letters to send to potential candidate(s)
    • #1 – Letter to candidate whose name was referred to Search Committee
    • #2 – Letter confirming receipt of application and next steps
  • The committee will set up a Google Drive Sheet to serve as a repository for candidate applications that the committee can review in real-time.
  • Lengthy discussion regarding next steps, application and interview processes.
  • Closing Devotions and Prayerwere provided by Josh Soodsma “God’s Will vs Our Will”which was based on Proverbs 16:2-3 and Philippians 3:13-14.
  • Meeting concluded with the committee re-affirming the importance of confidentiality.
  • Next Meeting is set forTuesday, March 14, 2023, 5:30-7pm, with Pam Koelewyn responsible for devotions/opening prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Brad VanKalsbeek

Chair – Lead Pastor Search Committee

(605) 359-5588 /