The Lead Pastor Search Committee met on December 13th, 2022. Opening Devotions and prayer were provided by Justin Snyder – “God Comes Through on Time.”

The following items were discussed:

  • Search Committee was thankful for the commissioning prayer, the committee covets congregational prayer
  • The committee acknowledged we are beginning Phase II (Reflection) of the Search Process
    • Phase II is listening to God, people, the congregation
    • Goals can be accomplished simultaneously by multiple groups – Ad Board work, Search Committee work, Strategic Planning work
    • Consider ‘listening’ sessions
      • Discussed the possibly of three Sunday evenings in the near future
      • Organize by Care Groups which allows for greater flexibility
      • Share ideas, time for members to listen, resolve differences, search for consensus
      • Search Committee members will have a presence but not lead

Lead Pastor search timeline – abide by God’s timeline, not ours!

Three Methods to Find a Pastor

  • Pastor Seeking Church
    • Several websites for a pastor to find/research a church with an open position
      • CRCNA Network website
        • Variety of positions are posted (worship leader, youth leader), limited to CRC positions
        • Reviewed several church postings
        • Range from very detailed to very simple
        • Listings included church profile, job description, link to church website, contact info, interview questions
      • website
        • Multiple denominations can post positions (CRC, RCA, Presbyterian)
        • Maplewood RCA listing was highlighted
      • Alliance of Reformed Churches website
  • Discussion of Church Profile and First CRC website
  • Church Seeking Pastor
    • Technique for a church to find/research pastors who may be open to a call
    • CRC Portal
      • Site allows searching by various criteria including where pastor is willing to serve
      • Recently updated profiles a soft indicator of openness to a call
  • Congregational Suggestions
    • An informal process of sharing names and anecdotes
    • consider making available to congregation for pastor suggestions

Several Action Items / Homework

  • Committee members assigned to create/update/review:
    • Church website
    • Church profile
    • Welcome letter
    • Job description (Ad Board)
    • Life in Sioux Falls

  • Review webpages : CRC Network,, ARC, and CRCPortal
  • Begin thinking about Pre-Interview Questions – come to the next meeting with pre-interview question(s).
  • Lastly, the committee re-affirmed the importance of confidentiality.
  • Next meeting is set for Tuesday, January 17, 2022, 5:30-7pm, with Mike Davelaar responsible for devotions/opening prayer.  

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Brad VanKalsbeek

Chair – Lead Pastor Search Committee

(605) 359-5588 /